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January 31, 2008

2,000,000 People That Depend On Us

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About 30% percent of my school did not know anything or even how to pronounce Darfur, and about 20% didn’t even care. What does that say to you? Kids don’t care? What that says to me is that we need to work harder then we are now. If we teach that 50% of middle school kids what the Darfur genocide is and what they can do to help, then that would make a huge difference. One kid at my school said “10 cents are gonna go to the organization, 10 cents are going to go to the workers and 5 cents are going to go to the people. How is that going to help?” while we were selling wristbands. Another student said ” That bracelet is going to get them two double cheese burgers at Mcdonalds!” And even a teacher said “Theres only 6 people I really care about in this world” ┬áThere are 2,000,000 million people not depending on their family or themselves but depending on us the save them.

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  1.   GingerTPLC — February 2, 2008 @ 6:00 am    

    I agree that it’s tough to get people moving on a topic, especially one that involves human lives abroad.

    Before you criticize too harshly though, consider what others may have thought about you before your eyes were opened to these atrocities. You learned about this because SOMEONE fought against nay-sayers to bring you the word. Not everyone who heard their message took it to heart like you did, but still, the effort was worth it because YOU have been affected, and now you’re affecting others!

    If advocacy and change were easy on the change agents, then this world would be a perfect place. Maybe your wristbands are making a difference to someone who’s not speaking up now, but will speak later at a different time, with a different cause. You’re a terrific role model for how democracy works and even though the day to day hard-knocks of those around you can get to be too much, try to remember that we all start out at zero learning on topics and move where we think we need to be.

    It’s infuriating when people don’t support our passions, but we can’t stop trying. You WILL connect to someone, somewhere, on something. Keep being a real American!

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