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January 31, 2008

Darfur Movement in Montgomery County Spreading Among Youth

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Hey Mr. Mayo’s Class!

At this point I’m almost positive my friend Alex and I will be able to come next Thursday and Friday mornings to speak to you guys! We’ve been advocating for Darfur through our club, Students for Global Responsibility at Blair for a little over a year now. We both first got interested in Fall of 2006 when we participated in a student conference in Falls Church, Virginia. We were appalled by the graphic images we saw and stories we heard and immediately motivated into action. We’ve done tons of advocacy work, making big change. Right now, we are fighting to get a bill passed that would divest (or take away investments) Montgomery County’s 700 million dollars in public pension funds from the pockets of human rights violators. I’ll talk to you guys more later about why divestment has become the primary avenue for stopping the genocide… For now, I just want to stress how rewarding it is to know that you have made a big change in the world around you. It is hard work in the sense that it takes up your free time when you could be kicking back with a soda and watching TV, but not in the sense that organizing or participating in an event to raise support is difficult. In fact, it involves just 2 things: a willingness to sacrifice some free time; and willingness to step out of your comfort zone for the ultimate cause–genocide.

Mr. Mayo said you guys could write some letters and maybe even plan your own event. That sounds like a plan if I’ve ever heard one! I’ve been working with a lot of high schools around the county to raise support, but you would be the first middle school I’ve heard of. If you all are interested in an event, I can definitely help you out with tips and materials. Some options are: a mass call-in, a concert or talent show where you have to write a letter to get in and group lobbying (or setting up and talking to a law-makers in person). With social justice, youth is only an impediment if you let it be.



  1.   GingerTPLC — February 2, 2008 @ 5:51 am    

    Hello Ben and Mr. Mayo’s class! We at Turning Point Learning Center in Kansas had studied this topic earlier this year.

    It’s a shame how, in many classrooms when we talk about genocide, the only incident in history talked about is the Holocaust in Germany during WWII. The lessons inevitably end with “…and we’re learning this to be sure it never happens again,” when it’s happening right now in many parts of the world, every single day!

    You are doing good work in this world; I’m glad you’ve found a passion point and I’m delighted to know that you’re learning the process of how to make change! Divestments sometimes are the only thing that people turning a blind eye will notice. Keep it moving!

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