The Truth About Darfur

February 20, 2008

Bush Starts to Help

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President Bush tells the newly elected president to pay serious attention to the signs of genocide. “One of the lessons of the genocide in Rwanda was to take some of the early warning signs seriously” Bush told a joint news confrence.  He added:”Secondly, I would tell my successor that the United States can play a very constructive role. I would urge the President not to feel like U.S. solutions should be imposed upon African leaders. I would urge the President to treat our– the leaders in Africa as partners”. President Bush also called the countries the came in to Africa “colonists” also saying, ” outside forces that tend to divide people up inside their country are unbelievably counterproductive”. President Bush also told the newly elected president to keep in mind that U.S. always takes the leader role because of the slowness of the UN. Bush said U.S. can provide money and help and training for military missions that can end conflicts.Then why isn’t this over? 

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