The Truth About Darfur

March 7, 2008

Many Voices For Darfur day

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Rape has become one of the biggest crimes against women in Darfur. It has given another way for the Janjaweed military to attack darfurians again. The janjaweed has already taken people out of their homes. The Women in Darfur must keep collecting fire wood, water or working from the fields. While doing this, the women in Darfur and also the children are in jeopardy of getting raped, beat or death. Hundreds of Rapes have been reported and are still increasing. Yet there are still more then hundreds of women and children that have and can get raped but won’t have a chance to report it. In a place where rape is a big place, their own families and town often dislike them. These ungrateful women have been forced to leave their town and also get punished for prohibited pregnancy as a consequence of being raped.                                    A story of Mrs.Mariam Musa        Mariam Musa is among the many other women in Darfur who have been raped. Mariam Musa is a different kind of victim. One day, Ms. Musa walked into the deep forest, collecting the best firewood for her family, humming her favorite tune. Back at her village, everything was on fire and even some of her family members were killed. The vicious Janjaweed, who also destroyed their water supply and all their things, attacked them. As Mariam was walking back to her village she noticed smoke and wonder what had happened. As she got closer she realized her village had been attacked, she wondered where he family had spread to. Suddenly she was wrestled to the ground. Before she knew it several lashes had hit her. She was also tied and sent to a place she was not familiar with. Apparently she had become a prisoner of the militia. She was put to work for eight days and repeatedly raped by the militia men until she couldn’t take it anymore. She was going to escape. For the next six days she walked towards a refugee camp in Chad called Djabal camp. “I was so petrified. I didn’t know what to do. My conscience told me to run away but I pictured myself being shot dead by the mean-looking men,” she says. “But at the same time I could not take their harsh treatment anymore and decided to rubbish their threats to kill me if attempted an escape. I did not care about what would happen to me. All I wanted was freedom. So I escaped.”  

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